Golden Retrievers Bring Joy

January 10, 2015 by Sherie Croft | Colorado Lifestyle and Pet Photographer

Untitled photo

This summer I had the pleasure of photographing two Golden Retrievers named Zach and Maggie. When I think back about the Golden Retrievers I’ve met, there is definitely a pattern of playfulness and joy in their lives. Zach and Maggie filled my morning with such things as trying to share the same stick, teaming up to catch the chipmunk that was under the porch (no worries, chipmunk escaped unscathed), playing with the ball, laying in puddles (Zach) and forbidden flowerbeds (Maggie). They were entertaining, to say the least.

Puddle Dog © Sherie Croft

It's a Golden Retriever's duty to soak up as much of the rain puddle as possible.

Untitled photo

After a morning of chipmunk chasing Maggie’s favorite spot is under the dining room table.

Maggie knew she wasn’t supposed to be in the flowerbed but her Mom acquiesced because she looked so great in them for her portrait! You can see Maggie’s flowerbed loveliness in the Dog Gallery . Zach is there too!

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