Gentle Giant and Cookie Monster

January 10, 2015 by Sherie Croft | Colorado Dog Photographer

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I recently did a portrait session with an English Mastiff and an Old English Sheepdog. Their names are Kai and Ollie. Kai is a gentle giant, the epitome of a noble dog and quite patient with Ollie, the ever bouncing, into everything, Cookie Monster. They live in the mountains with their lovely humans, Rachael and her Mom, Risa. These two are a great blessing to many people, me included, and several animals that have become part of their household.

Untitled photo


Kai is all muscle. If he wanted to, he could easily drag Rachael and I into the woods without blinking an eye. When I asked Risa if he had a favorite toy, she replied “Ollie!” Kai is a giant of a dog but very much a gentleman and completely indifferent to Ollie’s silly antics.

Untitled photo


Ollie loves to be in the middle of everything. He believes his job is to herd Rachael. He is a Sheepdog and he has decided she is his sheep. As you can see, he is exuberant with his love and attention for his beloved sheep!

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