Bless You Ande

March 11, 2015 by Sherie Croft | Colorado Horse Photographer

A sorrel colored, American Saddlebred horse with a white blaze standing in the sunlight with a white pipe corral fence in the background.

Ande, American Saddlebred

I was surprised, and a bit saddened to hear, Ande has left us and gone to His greener pastures in heaven. Ande, an American Saddlebred, was owned by my friend Susie and I had the privilege of photographing the two of them a few months ago. I featured the two of them in my blog as Best Friends Forever. He was a beautiful horse and had a very sweet relationship with Susie. I know she will miss her dear friend very much and my prayers are with her as her heart heals from losing him.

Ande was 19 years old and apparently, suffered a heart attack. I’m so glad we were able to capture these beautiful images of him when we did.

God bless you Ande. Have fun galloping through the pastures of Heaven! We will miss you.

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