A Man and His Dog | Photographing Larry and Raylan | Bayfield, Colorado

October 30, 2017 by Sherie Croft | Bayfield and Durango, Colorado Photographer

Larry Hutt and his dog, Raylan by Sherie Croft Photography.

Most of us are familiar with the saying, "a dog is man's best friend" and in my experience that's often true. This week I got to spend a little time photographing Larry and his dog, Raylan, who fit that descriptive saying perfectly.

As a portrait photographer, calls and inquiries usually come from women, eager to have family photography sessions and children's portraits made. In the world of portrait photographers its unusual to get a call from a man looking for a portrait session of any kind. When Larry called and asked me to make portraits of he and his dog Raylan, I was excited and really wanted them to have a great experience.

Pets have always been an integral part of my life, even when I wasn't in a living situation that accommodated them. I've always managed to work them into my life somehow, even when I didn't have my own. Naturally, they are key subjects in my photography and I love showing their relationships with their humans and their personalities in my images.

Bottoms Up Dog ©2017 Sherie Croft

It can be challenging to make good pictures of a black dog. Because of their coloring they can disappear into the background or lose their features in the shadows. One of my priorities was finding a location that would contrast with Raylan's coloring so he would show up and also allow for Larry and Raylan to have some freedom to be themselves, have a good time at their photo shoot without distractions, and give me the opportunity to photograph their personalities and relationship as best friends.

I think we accomplished that and it was a lot of fun!

Larry Hutt and his dog, Raylan by Sherie Croft Photography.
Shake It Off ©2017 Sherie Croft
Larry Hutt and his dog, Raylan by Sherie Croft Photography.
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