What happens when you become part of a family of 8 for the day?  All kinds of things in many different directions!  I spent the day with the Krokos family of Durango, Colorado and did a "A Day in the Life" family photography session with them.  I became their personal photographer for the day and documented their life together as a family in their home and at their activities.

A full Day in the Life Session starts in the morning when the family is getting up and ends in the evening when the family is finishing their day.  Family photojournalism sessions are especially valuable to families with children because the images captured reveal relationships, personalities and moments that become life time memories.  Children grow up quickly.  Day in the Life Sessions give parents lasting memories of their kids at that time in their lives, whatever the age.  When children grow up, they have the images to remember special times with their parents and their siblings.  Its a picture of who you are and how you live your life together as a family.

My Day in the Life Sessions include a Slide Show of the day.  Here's a peek at A Day in the Life of the Krokos family.

A Day in the Life of the Krokos Family

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